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Irish Wildflower Turf

Wildflowers @ Summerhill lawns are vibrant, natural and are beautiful flowering meadows suitable to residential gardens, parks, and amenity areas

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Irish Wildflower Turf from Summerhill Lawns

Irish Wildflower Turf makes the creation 
of a wildflower feature easy

Avoids the problem of weed invasion when establishing wildflowers from seed. Provides a colourful and biodiverse range of wildflowers to provide an instant wildflower meadow.
At Summerhill Lawns we have produced and designed two different varieties of wonderful Meadow turf that are jam packed of flowering species that work splendid together.

Our bespoke mixtures have been developed to ensure that they produce and establish in a wide variety of soil, environmental and climatic conditions. ** (site specific conditions will dictate how many of and which species are successful).

Bring your garden space, the following benefits:

Promoting Biodiversity in your own space.
Helping To Re-establish wildflower species under threat.
Using Flowers that have been selected by us for their nectar producing properties.

Our Wildflower turf makes the creation of a wildflower feature easy.

Benefits of Irish Wildflower Turf

Irish Wildflower Turf has a seed mixture that is simply perfect for those concerned with:

Species suitability, encouraging wildlife and local biodiversity. It provides a colourful and biodiverse range of native wildflowers to provide a splendid flowering meadow.

Blooming from early spring though to mid – autumn. This perfectly balanced mixture is a range of perennial and annual flowers. Grown on a moisture retentive recycled mat which acts as a much to supress unwanted weeds underneath.

This system allows us to produce a mature wildflower turf that ready to be placed on site straight away and will produce flowers within a 6-8 week period (subject to the time of year when fitted).

The species in this Irish wildflower turf have been specially selected to provide subtle colour and structure. Using flowers that been selected for their nectar producing properties, which creates a great source of food for our pollinating insects.

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Irish Wildflower Turf is formulated from the following species:

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Kidney Fetch


Meadow Buttercup


Corn Poppy

Red Campion

Lesser Knapweed

Ladys Bedstraw

Wild Carrot

Yellow Flag Iris

Yellow Rattle

Corn Flower

Ox-eye Daisy

Rough Hawbit

Marsh Marigold

White Campion

Field Scabious

Ragged Robin

Eye Bright

Irish Wildflower and Cottage Meadow Turf FAQs

Please see the most common questions we’re asked regarding the installation and maintenance of our wildflower turf products

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Enjoy a prolonged flowering period from early Spring to August
Promote biodiversity in your own space
Create a stunning, colourful wildflower display instantly
Choose your own mix of wildflowers, perennials and herbs

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