Quality Lawn and Garden products from Summerhill Lawns


As well as the highest quality sod grass for roll out grassturf lawns, Summerhill Lawns also provides other lawn and garden products, from bark mulch, top soil to complete lawn installation and lawn care services.

Bark Mulch is an ideal way to help improve how your garden looks. And because it’s rich in nutrients, it actively helps to protect the soil during the harsh winter months. Call Summerhill Lawns to find out more.

Topsoil – buy it from us in specially prepared one-tonne bags. We’ll ensure you have the best quality soil to help with the early establishment of your lawn.

Landscape Bark – our mulch is mid to dark brown in colour and is derived from recycled material. It’s a natural product which will make an appreciable difference to your landscaping.

Fine Bark Mulch – for flowering borders and beds. This is premium grade and will give you that perfect finish you’re looking for.

Root zone Sand and Peat Mix – a great product for growing roots of turf. This sand and peat mix is similar to that used in the construction of golf courses and is proven to be ideal for lawnturf.

Soil Conditioner – get some life back into jaded soil with this mature, peat-free mix which has been carefully screened to be rich in nutrients and organic matter. It’s also idea for use as a mulch.

Fertiliser – use Summerhill Lawns specially formulated pre-turfing or pre-seeded fertiliser to make sure that your lawn gets off the the best of starts. This unique blend of mini-granular fertiliser will feed your newly seeded or turfed lawn from the roots up.

Dog Rocks – these igneous rocks makes your dog drink fewer nitrates in their water so that there will also be fewer nitrates in the urine. So you can say goodbye to ugly brown patches on your grass.

Whatever lawn and garden products you need to complement your lawn care, we’ll almost certainly be able to help you, so call us today: (046) 943 1015

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