Environmental benefits of lawns

There are many environmental benefits of lawns. Here are some of the good things to be derived from a well maintained lawn or grass area:
Producing Oxygen

A typical size lawn of 240 sq meters converts enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to provide adequate oxygen for a family of four to breathe.

Absorbing Rainfall

A healthy, well maintained lawn or grass area absorbs six times more rainfall than a wheat field and eight times more if it was bare soil. One of the key mechanisms by which lawn turf preserve water is their superior capability to trap and hold runoff water, which results in more water infiltrating through the soil turf grass ecosystem.

Increasing Value to Your Property

Past studies have reported that consumers value a landscaped home more and that a landscaping investment is normally recovered fully and sometimes doubled by its ability to provide colour, aesthetically pleasing surfaces, and outdoor living.

Other Environmental Benefits of lawns include

Noise abatement,
Glare reduction,
Dust Stabilisation
Improved surface water quality
Soil improvement,
Reduced fire hazards
Contributes to social harmony and improves productivity.

Soil Erosion Control

Scientists have documented lawn turf grass sod as the most highly effective erosion control material available. Because of its high density of grass blades, thick root mass and total weight, turfgrass sod stops erosion immediately, even on severe slopes where it may have to be temporarily pegged down to keep it in place.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of a grass lawn include

Decreased allergy – related pollens,
Improves mental health with a positive therapeutic impact and stability,
Reduces stress by standing barefoot on grass
Heart rate and blood pressure have been shown to fall by using a lawn area.
A University study has proven that hospital patients who were provided with an outdoor view of nature recovered more quickly than patients whose room viewed another section of the hospital.

Grass lawn area’ keeps cool in extreme heat

Lawns play an important part in controlling our climate. Grassed surfaces reduce temperature extremes by absorbing the suns heat during the day and releasing it slowly in the evening, thus moderating the temperature.

Lawn grass areas is where the family have fun and enjoyment.

Your grass or lawn area is one of the safest places for you and your family to play, relax and enjoy. A well maintained beautiful lawn is also a rewarding experience and past time. The results speak for themselves and are there for all to see, from friends and neighbours to you and your family.