Rootzone Sand and Peat Mix


Rootzone SandRootzone Sand and Peat mix from Summerhill Lawns Ltd is a perfect sand mix for roots of turf to grow in. Unlike some builders sand it does not create a hard pan that prevents drainage. Rootzone sand and peat mix is similar to what is used in golf course construction and maintenance. It is a well proven growth medium for lawnturf.



Summerhill Lawns Rootzone and Peat mix:
  • Safe
  • No stone or weed content
  • Available all year round
  • Consistent high quality
  • Easy to work with

The use of Summerhill Lawns Rootzone sand and peat mix is the starting foundation to help in producing a light, sandy free draining loam for your lawn to grow in.

Key Benefits of using Summerhill Lawns Rootzone Sand and Peat mix:
  • Workable in un favourable weather conditions
  • Free flowing, easy to barrow and work with.
  • Dry and ready to use.
  • To help alleviate drainage problems
  • To help get the desired ground levels during wet clay conditions
  • Lightens up heavy soils to create a sandy loam
  • By improving surface drainage it reduces the risk of disease

For maintenance all year round, call The Lawnman