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Home Owners

Sod grass for home owners

Summerhill Lawns is a leading grower and national supplier of sod grass for all turf users. As lawn specialists in lawn turf production we supply a wide range of grass sod and topsoil products for different uses in DIY, landscaping, sports pitches, golf, and all amenity sectors.

Our aim is to provide top quality sod and topsoil with an efficient delivery service and to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our service and product. We supply nationally to all lawnturf users both large and small. Summerhill Lawns Ltd is used by many well known companies and organisations, including Aras on Uachtaran, Botanic Gardens, Office of Public Works, many golf clubs throughout the country including the K-Club of Ryder cup fame, large and small building developers, GAA pitches, Landscapers, golf course construction companies and many Garden Centres.

Lawnturf from Summerhill Lawns is Irelands biggest selling and most frequently specified, being the first choice for both professional landscapers and experienced gardeners who demand the best.

Summerhill Premium Landscape Lawnturf

A purpose grown cultivated lawn turf suitable for domestic lawn uses and landscape projects. The selected seed cultivars offer enhanced performance in all quality landscaping situations. Click on the icon for more details.

lawn turf

Summerhill Ornamental Grade

A high quality cultivated lawn turf purpose grown for its colour and fine leaf appearance. The characteristics of Summerhill Ornamental Lawnturf also make it ideal for a variety of landscape applications, including ornamental domestic lawns. Click on icon for more details.

lawn turf

Summerhill Low Grow Grass Sod

A high quality cultivated lawn turf purpose grown for its colour and fine
leaf appearance. As Turfgrowers we are constantly trying new grass mixtures to make them suit for different situations and we have developed this turf for its slow growing characteristics and dark green colour.

lawn turf


Summerhill Lawns topsoil product ensures you have a high quality soil to provide early establishment and development of sod, grass seed and all planting. The use of our topsoil is the foundation to a healthy landscaping project. Click on the icon for further details.

lawn turf

Landscape Bark Mulch

There are many different grades of bark mulch available. Some are specialist and others are suited for a variety of applications. Summerhill Lawns Landscape Bark Mulch is a mid – dark brown, multipurpose grade bark derived from recycled green and woody plant material. Our Landscape Bark is a natural product and will greatly enhance the appearance of your landscaping project. Click on the icon for further details.

landscape bark mulch

Fine Bark Mulch

Fine Bark Mulch from Summerhill Lawns is a premium grade mulch which provides the perfect finish and colour scheme for flowering beds and borders. Applying an 8-10mm layer of fine bark mulch will help in preventing weeds coming through, insulate the plants during winter and improve moisture retention in the summer. Click on the icon for further details.

fine bark mulch

Rootzone Sand and Peat mix

This combination of rootzone sand and peat is a perfect sand mix for roots of turf to grow in. Unlike some builders sand it does not create a hard pan that prevents drainage. Rootzone sand and peat mix is similar to what is used in golf course construction and maintenance and is a well proven growth medium for lawnturf. Click on the icon for further details.


Soil Conditioner

This is the natural way to put life back into poor performing soil. This mature peat free mixture has been finely screened to create a friable product rich in nutrients and organic matter. Summerhill Lawns soil conditioner has an excellent appearance which also makes it ideal for use as a mulch. Click on the icon for further details.


Pre-Turfing fertiliser

Summerhill Lawns specially formulated pre turfing or pre seeding fertiliser will ensure your laid grass sod gets off to the perfect start. Our unique blend of mini granular fertiliser feeds your newly seeded or turfed lawn from the roots up. Click on the icon for further details.


Lawn Care

Our turf sod production process involves a intensive 18 month programme in order to produce our quality turf. In order to keep your new lawn in this condition, it will need a certain amount of attention during the year involving feeding, weed treatment etc. For further information please click here to go to our aftercare section. Alternatively our sister lawncare treatment company The Lawnman offers to come and treat your lawn with fertiliser and any possible weeds that might have developed. Please click here for further information to go to our lawncare website

Summerhill Lawns are pleased to assist in the installation of your new lawn. Click here if you need a quote or more information on our supply and lay service

Nationwide Delivery Service

Summerhill Lawns operate a delivery service throughout Ireland. All orders are delivered within 24 hours (if ordered before 1pm) or your day of choice Monday – Friday. Our transport vehicles are fitted with mounty off loading forklifts which allows turf to be placed where you need it. Some small deliveries are made via jeep and trailer.

If we get a contractor to deliver your order, it will be unloaded on pallets by a lorry with a tail lift and pallet truck to offload onto a smooth, solid, level surface which is usually on the kerb or in the driveway.

Award winning Grass Sod and Lawn Products from Summerhill Lawns

Every Year we display our products for judging in connection with the relevant competing Designers and Landscapers at different Garden Festivals throughout the country. Products from Summerhill Lawns feature in many gold medal winning gardens at these Garden Festivals. Click here for some sample pictures.

Value for money

Economy of scale combined with continuous reinvestment in specialist turf machinery, technology and years of experience and education has given us a low cost base to deliver real value.