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Dog RocksDog-Rocks by Summerhill lawns

Dog Rocks are a paramagnetic igneous rock. When this type of rock is immersed in water, the paramagnetism creates a magnetic field within the water causing a change in the ion exchange. This in turn diminishes the nitrates that are found in the water (a minimum amount) so when the dog drinks this water, less nitrates are being absorbed into his system and therefore less are coming out the other end in his urine.

Of course if a dog is being fed a diet of fresh red meat, or is regularly given treats, Dog Rocks will not work as the protein level is too high and no matter how many nitrates are taken away from his drinking water his urine will still be overloaded with nitrate from the protein in the red meat or treat.

Dog Rocks only affect the water not the dog. High levels of protein are not all absorbed and when digested the overload will come out the other end as nitrates. We always recommend a premium dry dog food although some people just don’t want to change their dog’s diet and that’s fine, just means they will continue to get brown marks on their grass!

Factors that can effect the results of Dog Rocks include:

• Number of water bowls down

If the Dog has access to more than one water bowl and the Dog Rocks are only in one water bowl, then this will affect the results. The owner either needs to reduce the number of water bowls or put a complete packet of Dog Rocks in each water bowl.

• Do they have access to outside water sources, i.e. swimming pools, rivers etc

As above this will affect the results as it dilutes the benefits. Again if the full benefits of Dog Rocks are to be appreciated it is important to limit the Dog’s access to other water sources.

• Not allowing the Dog Rocks enough time to take effect

Dog Rocks need to be in the water long enough to take effect. Ideally the water should be topped up last thing at night when the dog will drink less, allowing them to work overnight. The water should be topped up regularly and changed every couple of days. If they are finding that the dogs drink it very quickly then they could try upping the dosage, ie two packs in each water bowl or one pack in a jug of water (no more than 2 litres) and decanting it into the dogs water bowl also containing Dog Rocks.

• Diet

Dogs on a very high protein diet will produce more nitrates in their urine and will as a result produce more burn patches. Tit bits such as pig’s ears or meat snacks can be high in protein as can tit bits from dinner plates! We always recommend a premium dry dog food and a reduction in high protein tit bits.

• Peeing in the same place

If a Dog pees in the same place this will create a high concentration of nitrates in one area and the Dog Rocks will not be able to combat this. There is a fine line between the level of nitrates that burn and those that the lawn can tolerate so repeated contact in one place will eventually burn the lawn. The only way to stop this is to restrict access to the dog’s usual peeing spot. This should break the habit and hopefully to encourage them to use other places.

• Dogs taking Dog Rocks out of water

If this is a problem that persists after repeatedly replacing the Rocks, the Dog Rocks can be placed in a jug of water (no more than 2 litres) and the water decanted into the Dog’s water bowl.