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Lawn Turf

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Premium Lawnturf

A purpose grown cultivated lawn turf suitable for domestic lawn uses and landscape projects. The selected seed cultivars offer enhanced performance in all quality landscape situations.

Ornamental Lawnturf

A high quality cultivated lawn turf purpose grown for its colour and fine leaf appearance. It is ideal for a variety of landscape applications, including ornamental domestic lawns.
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Add fertiliser Using Summerhill Lawns specially formulated pre turfing fertiliser will ensure your lawn gets off to the perfect start. Our unique belend of mini granular fertiliser feeds your turfed lawn from the roots up. 2 kg Fertiliser Covers 20 - 75 sq meters Covers 20 - 90 sq yards €10.00 2 kg Fertiliser Covers 20 - 100 sq meters Covers 20 - 109 sq yards €10.00 3 kg Fertiliser Covers 101 - 150 sq meters Covers 110 - 180 sq yards €12.00 5 kg Fertiliser Covers 151 - 250 sq meters Covers 181 - 300 sq yards €15.00 10 kg Fertiliser Covers 251 - 500 sq meters Covers 300 - 600 sq yards €20.00
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