Despite what I’ve written in previous posts, it would be wrong to think you can’t ever lay turf in the winter months – you can.Turf

As long as the soil has been prepared well and the ground is free of frost, it is entirely possible to lay turf in the winter. Here are some important considerations if you are thinking of doing this:

1. If it is frosty, it’s not the end of the world and it will not kill the turfgrass. Frozen rolls of turf are like any other organic matter frozen. They can be defrosted and then laid once they’re back to normal. You should never lay turf on ground that is frozen, but otherwise it’s fine to do it. In fact, your rolls of turfgrass will last longer than they would during the hotter months.

2. Be gentle! If turf has recently defrosted, take care that the turf is not damaged during handling. It may be damp and heavy, so take care when you are lifting and carrying it. Lay the turf roll into position, don’t drag it.

3. Very low maintenance. You won’t have to do much to your lawnturf in the winter months, just water as necessary and make sure it doesn’t dry out.

4. Look after the soil that is there already. Make sure there is proper drainage and maybe mix in some more topsoil if it it needs it. Use a board to lay the grass, so that you don’t damage the ground.

5. Look forward to a flourishing lawn in spring!

So there you have it – if you really do need to lay turf in winter, don’t be put off, but do bear in mind the tips we have outlined here to ensure you new lawn has the very best chance of becoming healthy and staying healthy. Having said all of this, if it can wait, then do wait because springtime is the optimum time for laying turf.

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