Lawn: it’s not just about grass!


Grass lawns have been around for a very long time – over a thousand years or so. In mediaeval times, the word ‘launde’ referred to clear areas around castles.

And there is mention of the game of lawn bowls being played as far back as 1299. But now, we are starting to re-think what we actually mean by ‘lawn’.

Go wild – the beauty of wildflower turf

Today, we all have a fair idea what we mean by the word lawn, but there are, in fact all kinds of lawns, besides grass ones.

There is, in fact, such thing as a grass-free lawn and these are becoming more and more popular. Our wildflower turf nurtured with love and care at Summerhill Lawns s proving a really popular way to create a really attractive open space in a garden or public park.

Big gardening events like The Chelsea Flower Show and Supergarden have showcased some amazing creations like this. At the London Olympics, a huge wildflower meadow became one of the main talking points of the event.

Wildflower meadows are full of uplifting, vibrant and beautiful colour. They don’t need you to do much, or anything to keep them looking great, and you can walk in amongst all the wonderful wild flowers.

Could you have a small wildflower  meadow in your garden?

Having a wildflower meadow in your garden makes perfect sense. You don’t need acres and acres. A small area works just as well. Your wildflower garden will be in flower from early spring right through to late autumn.

You’ll need to do a little bit of maintenance at this time –  strimming and then leaving the hay to dry. Turn it over a few times to let the seeds drop back into the soil.

We grow our widlflower turf on special mats and we lay these in much the same way as we would lay our lawnturf. And when it’s laid – you’ve got instant flowers which will transform your garden!

If you’re interested in this, give us a call to talk about your own wildflower area: 046 9431015