Topsoil – quality is vital to good planting

Topsoil from Summerhill Lawns ensures you have a high quality soil to provide early establishment and development of turf, grass seed and all planting. The use of our soil is the foundation to a healthy landscaping project.

Specification’s of Summerhill Lawns topsoil are;
  • Safe
  • Certified
  • No stone or weed content
  • Available all year round
  • Consistent high quality
  • Easy to work withSummerhill Lawns_top_soil_bag

Summerhill Lawns soil is abound with organic matter and nutrient rich peat free compost suitable to use in a range of landscaping applications:

Key Benefits of using Summerhill Lawns Topsoil
  • Tested to meet B.S standards 3882
  • Consistently fertile to provide early establishment of turf, trees and shrubs.
  • High Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and assists in moisture retention
  • Suitable for a range of landscaping applications
  • Workable in un favourable weather conditions
  • Free flowing, easy to barrow and work with.summerhill lawns_top_soil_plant
  • Soil is stored dry and ready to use.
Delivery Options and Coverage

Size 1 cubic metre bag
10 – 20 tonne tipper loads

Coverage 1 m3 = 40m2 to a depth of 25mm