5 top tips to keep your lawn in top shape

Summer is here. You’ve booked the flights, got the reservations ready and have almost finished packing. But before you head off on a well-deserved holiday, there’s something you’ve forgotten. No, not your child in the attic but almost as important – your lawn. More specifically, looking after your lawn while you’re on holiday.Looking after your lawn while you're on holiday

Looking after your lawn while you’re on holiday doesn’t need to be a stressful task, and it won’t be if you follow these 5 simple tips:

1.    Mowing

If you’re going away for up to a week, it’s unlikely your turf will miss you or even notice that you’ve gone. No extra preparations necessary, just simply mow your lawn to your usual height the day before you leave. 

Don’t worry if you’re going away for longer than this. Resist the urge to cut the lawn too low to make up for the time your away. During summer the grass should be left a bit longer than normal to shade the soil from the sun, having your soil scorched by the sun can have devastating side effects on the health of your lawn. Instead, you will want to take your lawnmower down a setting to ensure it does not grow to an excessive height whilst you’re away

2.    Watering

However long you’re going away for, making sure your lawn is watered is vital to maintaining a healthy lawn. If you’re going away for longer than a few weeks, maybe consider asking a neighbour for a favour. 

3.    Garden objects

Avoid leaving garden objects on your lawn as this can prevent the turf from receiving the oxygen, sunlight and water that it needs – which can result in brown spots of grass on your lawn. For more advice on this, see our piece on maintaining a dry lawn.

4.    To fertilise or not to fertilise

Don’t fall into the temptation of fertilising your lawn before you go away. You may think that fertilising your lawn before you go away will ensure that the lawn has food to last, but it will just cause a growth spurt and lead to more issues.

5.    Coming home

When coming home, many people believe that they need to mow their lawn back to its regular height, when in fact this can cause problems. Again, turn down the lawnmower setting down one or two on your lawnmower. One rule of thumb is to never cut more than a third from the turf stems each time. Too much sun exposure is bad for the lawn and soil.

When it comes to looking after your lawn while you’re on holiday, the most important tip is: try not to worry about your turf too much whilst on holiday! Enjoy yourself and have fun!