A beautiful instant lawn – your step by step guide

Instant lawn from Summerhill Lawns

Having a cultivated instant lawn saves a lot of work and time, avoiding the lengthy process of seeding and giving you an instant quality finish to your front or back garden.

Before the lawn is laid, though, there are some important steps to follow. Ground preparation is absolutely vital for the future health of your new lawn.

Instant lawn: preparation is all

Firstly, remove an existing lawn and weeds with a complete weed control, making sure you follow all the guidelines on the product label. It is very important that you do not rotavate for at least 10 days after spraying.

Next, the soil must be prepared. Turn it over to a depth of around 15cm, by either digging over or rotavating. (Rotavators are readily available for hire just about everywhere). Then ensure that the area is free of debris, stones, weeds or old turf.

The next step is to rake the ground over, to make the surface as smooth as you can. You could use a light roller, or simply firm the ground with your feet to identify any soft areas; these can then be raked level. Complete this process until the ground is relatively smooth, even and firm – without being too compact.

Finally, apply a pre-turfing fertiliser to the soil. This can be ordered with your turf. For best results, follow the recommended application rates.

Choice of turfgrass

Now you’ve done all the hard, preparatory work, what next? Well it may seem obvious, but measure the area for your instant lawn. An important consideration is to speak to potential suppliers to see how long their turfgrass is kept rolled up after it has been harvested.

It is actually very important that this time is kept to a minimum so the grass stays fresh and healthy. This is a key consideration for Summerhill Lawns, and one of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us – our grass is cut to order. Because our turf is cut to order, you will need to give us at least 48 hours notice of your lawn area.

Now about the grass itself. Choice of grass is not as straightforward as it may seem because there are a few grass types ot choose from.

The next consideration is to look at how you will use the lawn. How much wear is it going to take? There are three main grass types to consider:

• Premium Landscape Lawnturf
• Ornamental Grade Lawnturf
• Low Grow Lawnturf

Premium Landscape Lawnturf is purpose-grown for domestic lawn use. It is strong, hardwearing, vibrant green grass ideally suited to the Irish climate. If your lawn is going to get a fair bit of wear, we recommend this lawnturf.

Ornamental Grade Lawnturf is a fine-textured dense sward suitable for close mowing. It has a lovely appearance and perfect for lawns that are not going to get as much wear and tear.

Low Grow Lawnturf is purpose-grown for its vibrant colour and fine leaf appearance. One of the benefits of this turfgrass is the fact that it is hardy, slow growing and resistant to drought and shade.

You would be best advised to call us well before you start the preparation, so that we can advise you of the best option for your needs. I hope you found this article useful. For more information, visit  The Lawnman. Or if you have further questions now, call Summerhill Lawns at any time during business hours and we will be very happy to advise you.