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How To Measure Lawn Area

How to measure lawn area. Lawn area measurement is key to ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible in the actual process of laying your lawn. Follow these important guidelines to ensure that nothing goes wrong and that you have the right amount of turf for your new lawn.

Firstly, measure the area of your planned lawn by multiplying the average length by the average width – this will determine the amount of turf you need.We recommend sketching a plan, just so that you can visualise the area beforehand. Measuring a regular shaped area – a rectangle or square, will be a much more straightforward process for lawn area measurement. But measuring an irregular shaped area is not so simple.

If you are measuring an irregularly shaped area you will almost certainly find it easier to break the area up into smaller shapes in order to assist you with your calculations. After you have followed our ‘how to measure lawn’ guide and the job has been done, we further recommend that you add 5% to the final area to cover wastage and trimming to fit edges.

Lawn measurement example diagramLawn Messaurement guide by Summerhill Lawns

Take the Values:

To work out the required Value

Area 1
A x B = 30m2

Area 2
C x D = 6M2

Total Area = 36m2

As with so much in life, good planning is the key to a good job. Planning your lawn takes time, but it is important that you spend this time to make sure of a perfect lawn. This process will help you determine the correct lawn area and ensure that you actually have enough turf to cover the area and also that there will be minimum waste.

If you’re currently planning your lawn area and you need further advice on how to measure lawn area, or if you have any further queries, please contact us for advice: 01 687 4924