Should anyone be growing flowers for picking? A lot of gardeners regard it as a bit of a crime to pick flowers from the garden. As far they are concerned, flowers belong where they have been planted, and if you pick them, you are helping to ruin the beauty that they have worked hard to create.

But what if you’d really like to capture that beauty and put it in a vase in your house? There is a solution to all this if you want flowers for picking.

Many large gardens in the past had an area among the lawns dedicated to growing flowers specifically for cutting. In this way, it is very much the same thinking as having a vegetable garden. You grow specifically to reap. If you’re going to create your own ‘flowers for cutting’ section of the garden, you don’t want it to be in too prominent a position in the garden. So pic a small area that is not too obtrusive and get started.

Here are some of our favourite flower for picking varieties:

Marigolds. These have bright green leaves and very large blooms in a range of orange and yellow shades.

Cosmos. These eye-catching flowers can be uplifting for the soul – gorgeous reds, pinks, purples and white.

Black-eyed susans. This variety grows high and is a perennial, with  yellow and black blooms about 8cms across.

Nasturtiums. These unmistakable red blooms are also edible, and can be used in salads.

Peonies. Beautifully fragrant, these flowers grow in tall clumps and appear in many different colours.

Growing flowers for picking is not just an enjoyable activity. It means adding colour, life and vitality to your living space. You might even want to think about having multiple growing spaces in your garden. More about this in  another post.

If on the other hand, you want flowers as part of your lawn, talk Summerhill Lawns about our beautiful and popular wildflower lawnturf.