Wherever possible in our marketing, we like to show, rather than tell. It’s all very well saying “we supply the finest turf grass in the island of Ireland” (we do) but there’s nothing like seeing for yourself. So when a customer of one of our competitors recently came to us to do a bit of a product comparison, it was a great opportunity to demonstrate the quality of what we produce.which-is-the-finest-turfgrass2

This landscaper had purchased some imported lawn turf for a new housing development. Take a look at the pictures and you’ll see why it was that both he and the developer were far from happy with the product supplied.

Look at what they got, and then compare this to our turf. There’s no comparison, is there? Ours is only what customers should expect – lush, healthy grass – the finest turf grass in Ireland. Our message to landscapers and developers – don’t put up with this kind of inferior quality. Buy the best Irish lawn turf there is, and remember – as these photos show – the grass is definitely not greener on the other side!