Dogs and lawns can be a disastrous combination. They don’t mean to, but dogs can be hell on lawns.

For dogs, lawns are absolutely the most natural place to urinate. And being high in nitrogren, dog pee can do real damage to the lawn, especially if your dog insists on urinating in the same place each time.

The roots of the grass end up becoming damaged and the damage is evident in ugly brown patches on the lawn.

Show them who’s boss

Dogs and lawnsThose who address the dogs and lawns problem by installing astroturf or other forms of artifical grass are giving into the dog and admitting that the pet is the boss. I have a dog, so I can’t have a lawn.

It’s far better to do as the pet experts say – show your dog who is in control. (And even with artificial grass, the urine problem does not go away). So don’t give up or give in – there are ways around the problem.

Ask us for the best kind of grass that will resist this kind of canine wear and tear. A hardy grass variety is best, so talk to us about this. And talk to us also about dog rocks These are such a great idea for mitigating dog urine damage.

Dog rocks – and other tricks

When you put the dog rocks into your pet’s water, it reduced the nigrogen levels by diluting it. These are an inexpensive item and we have been able to help many customers in this way.

Some people also find that tomato juice sprinkled into the dog’s food can help reduce the chance of dog spots. The added salt in the diet encourages the dog to drink more, which lessens the nitrogen concentration in the wee.

As we mentioned before, it is worthwhile training your dog in its toilet habits. You might train them to use less obvious spots on the grass or in a variety of places, to lessen the impact on the lawn. And remember to contact us if you’re interested in dog rocks. If you have any other lawn maintenance issues, contact our sister company The Lawn Man.