Here’s a boring fact that most lawn owners don’t know: there are over 600 species of moss in Ireland.

What most lawn owners do know, is that moss is a pain in rear end. It’s hard to get rid of and it loves the wet. It also loves shade and if you don’t treat it, you can expect it to spread right across your lawn and kill your grass.

Find out the cause

So, here’s a few thoughts about how to ‘boss the moss’. Firstly, do a little bit of checking to find out why you might be getting moss in certain areas of your lawn. You might want to think about pruning branches over your lawn that are causing shady areas. Or maybe your soil is not draining too well and it needs to be aerated.

Mow through winter

You might not think your grass needs much during winter, but it certainly does benefit from a good mow, so do that right through the winter months, from now until Spring. Do it as a routine, even though it doesn’t look like the grass needs cutting.

If in doubt, call The Lawnman

If you’re not sure what’s causing the moss, call The Lawnman, who can come and treat your lawn with an appropriate product. It might be worth thinking about signing up for a regular treatment programme. LoCall: 1890 252 072 Office: 046 943 1015