Hot weather in Ireland? Yes, it seems like a strange concept, but that’s what we have at the moment, and isn’t it great? But unlike a lot of other countries around the world, we’re not really set up very well for heat in Ireland. This certainly goes for lawns, which really do need a special bit of TLC when it is unusually hot. So please take note of these hot weather lawn care tips.

Drops_And_Sunshine_(245094910)First of all – do NOT cut your lawn too short. You lawn needs to produce enough energy to make sure it grows well at all times, and cutting it too short can reduce that and cause the grass to die. But at the right height, grass roots will actually get stronger. A good tip here is never to remove more than one third of the grass’s height.

Secondly, DON’T over water. That may seem like strange advice in hot weather. In fact, grass fares better when it is too dry than it does when it is too wet. When the soil is wet, various organisms which give rise to diseases can flourish. Good advice here is to water the bits that need it most, rather than the whole lawn all in one go.

Thirdly, in real drought conditions, DON’T MOW AT ALL. When grass is struggling for its life, it needs all it can get from every blade, so leave the grass to work on recovering itself. If you’re going to mow in these conditions, do it after a good watering.

And now a few mowing tips:

  • Keep your mower blades nice and sharp. Dull mower blades can damage the plant and can make it go brown. Sharp blades limit the damage done to the plant structure.
  • Don’t apply fertiliser. Why? Because fertilising produces increased growth and in times of high temperatures, this can put further strain on the grass.
  • Re-use clippings. When mulched and spread on a lawn, clippings stimulate growth at a steady rate that the lawn can handle.

So there you go! Enjoy the warm – goodness knows we’ve wished for it often enough and  as we all know, it’ll be back to cold weather very soon. In the meantime, make sure you are kind to your lawn by following these few tips.

In the meantime, happy summer – while it lasts!